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Aegis  Guardian Shield Emblem  Guardian

Fully Managed & Autonomous Intrusion Detection as a Service (IDSaaS)

Guardian explanatory architecture
Digital Gatekeeper

Guardian sits between your users and your environment, profiling network traffic and blocking malicious requests.

Easy to Use

Guardian is fully managed and utilizes standard snort rule syntax making it easier than ever to block undesired traffic.

Fully Elastic

Guardian can scale from tens to hundreds of GBPS and up, providing your organization room to grow.


Potential Threats blocked Daily


Connections Profiled Daily


International Connections blocked Daily


Malicious Files Blocked Monthly

About  Aegis Shield Emblem  Us

Our Mission is to continuously modernize security capabilities via integration with AI, Machine Learning, and Dynamic Infrastructure.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection Capabilities

Our team has been working in application, network, and cybersecurity in general for years with specialization on USG clients. As a result, we believe that the best security is that which requires no human intervention.

By applying recent innovations in machine learning and neural networks to security solutions, we are able to provide solutions that are always tuned specifically to your environment.

We are the only CyberSecurity Service Provider (CSSP) offering fully managed, elastic and intelligent intrusion detection capabilities.

Aegis' talented engineers can help you prepare for audits, perform penetration tests, and support the enhancement of your security posture.

  • Guardian Shield Emblem
    Aegis Guardian IDSaaS

    Aegis presents Guardian: A fully managed and Artificially Intelligent Intrusion Detection system as a Service (IDSaaS).

  • Security Event Visualization

    We provide holistic data visualization capabilities to identifying breaches and perform forensic analysis.

  • Security Assessment Services

    Our team has the expertise and tools necessary to provide a complete assessment of your organization's security posture.

  • DevSecOps

    We believe that the best security is automated. We can help to enforce security throughout your software lifecycle.

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