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Intelligent Intrusion Detection as a Service (IDSaaS)

1. Introduction: What is Guardian ?

Intelligent Intrusion Detection as a Service

Guardian is an extremely powerful intrusion detection system (IDS) & prevention system (IPS) deployed between your environment and end users. Once in place, Guardian provides both statistical and rule-driven intrusion detection capabilities to automatically block threats from your networks.

Guardian explanatory architecture

If intrusion detection is Guardian's number one characteristic, intelligence is its second. Guardian collects data regarding all connections and applies machine learning techniques. Once systems are fully baselined by Guardian, recognized malicious traffic can be blocked automatically or alerted upon. This enables a security posture that is proactive & self enhancing.

2. How it Works

1. Deploy Guardian

Register with the form below and our team will reach out to you to confirm all necessary details and deploy guardian.

2. Direct your traffic to Guardian

Our team will provide you with your unique guardian endpoint URL to direct your unfiltered traffic.

3. Receive Safe traffic & Review Analytics

Guardian will direct clean traffic to your endpoint and all subscribed visualization & analytics capabilities will be made available to you.

3. Features

Easy to use and Deploy

Guardian can be deployed in minutes and immediately begins protecting your environment. Guardian also utilizes the same rules language as Snort & Suricata, so your team can customize your protection however you see fit.

Cost Effective

With Guardian, you pay by the amount of bandwidth consumed, so your organization can forego the massive investment in security infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Guardian has an integrated AI engine to analyze and baseline traffic. Currently in beta, this capability will be rolled out to all Guardian customers to enable fully autonomous threat prevention.

Unprecedented Threat Visualization

Guardian provides capabilities to visualize all traffic permitted and blocked. Configure custom visualizations, dashboards and searches of all communications and analyze them over different time periods to perform the forensic analysis you need.

Fully Elastic

Guardian is designed to provide fully scalable security. Our capabilities can reliably scale to meet the bandwidth needs of a small business or major enterprise, providing your organization room to grow.

Geographic Access Control

With Guardian, you can easily limit access to your content exclusively to the intended audience. Monitor connectivity from around the world and enable or disable that connectivity with the click of a button.

4. Documentation

Review below for our library of Guardian documentation.


5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I or my team Deploy Guardian?

At this time, all Guardian deployments are performed by the Aegis CyberSecurity team. Contact us below and we can have you up and running in minutes! Self-Service will be introduced in the near future!

How does Guardian block "bad" Traffic?

Guardian Utilizes industry-standard pre-defined rulesets in combination with statistical analysis of incoming traffic to block malicious traffic.

How is Guardian placed between my users and my systems?

Guardian sends all clean traffic directly to the endpoint you provide. All you need to do is direct your traffic to Guardian via DNS or your preferred proxy method.

Can I apply custom rules for my environment?

Yes, custom rules can be developed by your team so long as they are written in the Snort rules description language

Can I be alerted when threats are detected?

Yes, you can be alerted via e-mail when threats are detected.

Do you have a question not answered above? Feel free to submit it to us in the form below!

6. Registration & Support

If you're ready to protect your systems with Guardian, Fill out the form below and our team will reach out get you started!


For existing Guardian customers, select support below and your case will be handled urgently.